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Hexbug Nano V2

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  • Advanced Hexbug Nanos
  • Vertically climbing robotic insects
  • Realistic insect-like movement
  • Legs on top allow for vertical climbing
  • Check out our playsets!
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Every single time we think the creators of the Hexbug range can do no more, they surprise us in the most incredible ways, and that is exactly what they have done with the Nano V2s. Normally when you think of bugs and creepy crawlies you imagine them scurrying across walls out of the corner of your eye. So when we heard that the new Hexbug Nanos could crawl up tubes we knew the boundaries between real and artificial had been well and truly blurred.

The Nano V2s have been redesigned to tackle vertical climbs and it works effortlessly. This new plane of movement is all thanks to the fact that two of its legs have been moved to the top of its body. These newly placed legs help push it up through tubes and this means your Nano is now 3D enabled!

The Hexbug Nano V2s are available in a range of different play sets with brand new elements. Like the previous habitat sets they can all be linked together to build an environment as big or as small as you want. All the tubes, horizontal and vertical are tight, strong and transparent so the audience can still see the bugs going about their business. Attach a Black Hole to your set (obviously not a real one) and your Nano V2 will free-fall through the hole and reappear at a random exit. The Barrel Roll gives your bug an extreme twist and the Crow’s Nest provides the ultimate viewing point at the top of your tower.

So far there are five different coloured Hexbug Nano V2’s available although we expect there to be more in the future.

  • 1 x Hexbug Nano V2
  • 1 x Straight tube
  • 1 x Connector piece
  • 1 x AG13 Battery
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