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Hubsan X4 FPV Quadcopter

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  • First person view quadcopter
  • Live video feed is shown on transmitter
  • Latest 6-axis flight
  • 4 channel control
  • Adjustable gyro sensitivity
  • 0.3 megapixels camera with 640 x 480 resolution
  • Stable flight indoors and outdoors
  • USB charging
  • Instant video review on transmitter
  • Record onto micro SD card (not included)
  • 4 LED night lights
  • Lightweight durable airframe
  • Rubber feet
  • 4.3 inch LCD colour screen
  • Auto shut off safety battery
  • 2GB – 16GB capacity
  • Quadcopter measures approx. 10cm x 8cm x 3cm
  • Transmitter measures approx. 19cm x 17cm x 5cm
  • Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; please see here for more details.
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As big fans of Quadcopters, we couldn’t resist when we saw this beauty. The Hubsan X4 FPV Quadcopter is our first Quadcopter fitted with a camera, allowing you to get a direct feed from the Quadcopter straight to the transmitter. Perfect for outdoors, you can soar above trees and rooftops, seeing what it sees, all thanks to the massive 4.3 inch LCD screen. Once you’ve landed from your epic flight adventure you can instantly playback your recorded footage on the remote without the need of a computer or laptop.

Set in a lightweight durable airframe, the Hubsan X4 FPV Quadcopter boasts the latest in 6-axis flight with adjustable gyro sensitivity for super stable flight - even outdoors. This nifty Quadcopter works on a 2.4GHz frequency so can be flown at the same as others. As the camera works on 5.8GHz frequency this ensures there is no interference. The built in camera records at 0.3 megapixels with a resolution of 640 x 480. The live feed is replayed to the screen on the transmitter, all over an impressive range of approximately 100 metres. All video footage can be saved onto a micro SD card in the transmitter with up to 16GB of storage. Four bright LED lights are set around the Hubsan X4 FPV for late night flying and four rubber feet protect it from any rough landings.

Safely stored inside the protective casing is a 0820 coreless motor and a 3.7V 380mAh li-po battery with auto safety cut off. This will provide around 7 minutes of flight time for approximately 30 minutes of charging.

Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; please see here for more details.

Technical Specifications
  • Motor: 0820 coreless
  • Quadcopter frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Video feed frequency: 5.8GHz
  • Battery: 3.7V. 380mAh li-po auto cut off safety
  • Range approx. 100 metres
  • Live video feed range approx. 100 metres
  • Charge time approx. 30 minutes
  • Flight time approx. 7 minutes
  • Remote requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • 1 x X4 Quadcopter FPV
  • 1 x Remote control with 4.3" LCD screen
  • 4 x Rotor blades
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Protection cage
  • 1 x FAQ sheet
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  1. 100%
    Great little flyer - Review by
    Had one for about eight months now,absolutely love it,great fun to fly,stocked up on batteries and even bought a case to keep it safe when im not flying it into trees lol,bought the h107 l aswell which is as much fun but no camera,very nippy little quads in expert mode
  2. 80%
    Good drone - Review by
    This drone is good. The quality of the footage is not super though. It is saved on the controller so the saved footage is not always clear or clean. If it goes out of range then you pick this up as it saves onto the card. If the card was on the drone and saved directly to the card then it would probably be fine. I had an issue with drone I bought it stopped binding to the drone. I sent it back and Red5 sent me a new one very quickly. The customer service is very good , the staff are very helpful :). Ill give 5 out of 5 for drone flight , its very stable and easy to control. The video footage is not as good as I would like , I would give it 3 out of 5. Its a good step up drone.
  3. 100%
    The i of the ski - Review by
    This FPV drone is definitely recommended by me as a thought after buying another 4 channel RC toy (eg. syma quadcopter) and is definitely something to consider buying... but only after you have definitely mastered 4 channel flight as you don't want to lose £150! My top tips would be >Always keep the protection frame on (what's half a minute of flight time lost to a whole drone) >Buy spare batteries (it makes flying it a whole lot more fun) >Charge up/Change controller batteries before it gets down to two bars of energy (otherwise video feed will be choppy) >When battery starts to get to about 3.5 volts bring the quad down! >Don't look from controller to quad, or vice versa otherwise you will become disorientated, I would recommend keeping your eyes on the quad and taking quick glances at the screen... get someone else if possible to look at the screen and help you. >NEVER fly the quad out of sight as the video feed will cut up and you will lose control >If you become disorientated, and you are in an open space, land the quad and then make short blips on the throttle, and walk towards the noise. Never try to fly it back to you otherwise you will lose it and possibly crash. >My advice would not to risk the drone by flying it over water, but that's up to you >Don't do flips under 3 meters, and if you are flying the drone high because you will crash/ become disorientated and lose control. Thanks RED5 and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and it is a real eye-catcher!
  4. 100%
    Throughly addictive little Quad! - Review by
    I bought the Hubsan X4 FPV last month and have been totally hooked since! It is a well thought out little quadcopter that feels well built and flew brilliantly straight out of the box. Having bought the Hubsan Q4 nano quad first (also a huge amount of fun and fantastic to practice your flying skills before taking to the controls of the X4 FPV) this gives so many more options and its a lot more exciting to fly once you have mastered it. The first person view feature is a great addition and the videos I've recorded with it are great to re-watch. So if you're sitting on the fence trying to work out if you should get one (like I was). All I can say is, DO IT! :)
  5. 100%
    Amazing! Hard Landing at 200 Meters and Survived!! - Review by
    This drone is simply unbelievable! Was a gift for my birthday and have had so much fun with it. FPV is great, perfect as an entry to the world of flying drones. Very sturdy. Very resilient. I took the drone high, too high and way outside of my comfort zone to the tune of 200m. The wind took control and I lost it. Found it two hours later, and was amazed that with a change of battery works as it did out the box. No damage. Unbelievable. Definitely recommend. The film footage is easy to convert from the micro SD card to play back on PC / Smart Phone or TV so friends can be wowed by the footage. Brilliant! The gift was for my 46th birthday, I refuse to grow up with this little fella!!!!!! Thanks RED5 :)
  6. 100%
    10/10 quad copter - Review by
    Before purchasing this quad copter I had never flown one, so I assumed this would be incredibly hard to fly. After 15 minutes of flying around my lounge I thought I had it mastered, so I thought it'd be a great idea to take it outside. I made the rookie mistake of flying it next to a river, after 5 minutes of flying it, I flew into the water and it sank like a stone. After a time (20 or so minutes) I managed to fish it out, and to my amazement it was still flashing. I left it to dry for a couple hours and it works perfectly even the camera works. For the money this quad copter is an absolute bargain and doubles as a submarine :p

    RED5 says: “Hi there Nigel, thank you for reviewing the FPV Quadcopter. Although we would never suggest using it as a submarine, its great to hear that its still working :). ”

  7. 100%
    Outstanding - Review by
    A few years ago I purchased the X4 H107 quadcopter and was immediately impressed by how easy the thing was to fly compared to other rc toys I had used. The decision to pick up the new FPV model was therefore an easy one to make. Essentially the same machine but with a camera attached, I found I could take off and fly confidently within minutes of opening (novices should allow a little extra time for practice), I was impressed though that this time around a crash guard was included in the box to add a layer of protection. I was also happy that the batteries for my older model were compatible with the FPV allowing me a little more play time on my trips out into the wild. This thing really goes for it! I'm not sure of the actual range, but using the FPV screen one can easily fly well beyond the distance at which the aircraft becomes a dot in the sky. Towards the end of the range, the video signal will start to chop up, giving a good indication that it's time to turn around. I was also really happy to see a battery voltage meter on the handset giving one a good indication of how much juice is left during a flight. The video can be recorded onto a normal micro SD card and whilst not quite HD, was really satisfying to play back on a big screen back home. My only criticism would be that the video is recorded at the handset end, so any interference artefacts incurred during transmission show up on the final video. This only seemed to be an issue however whilst flying right at the end of the quadcopters range. You don't see FPV flyers at prices as low as this very often and luckily this one is of excellent quality and really easy to fly. I would recommend picking up a few extra batteries as this really added to my enjoyment.
  8. 100%
    x4 - Review by
    Purchased this yesterday. Haven't ventured outside yet but after only about 30 mins of flying time I'm getting the hang of it. Very easy to master. Beginners need the crash kit on to protect the blades! This quadcopter is a lot of fun. I only have the one battery at the moment which lasts approximately 8 mins. I will be ordering more batteries. This is a great rc and I would definitely recommend it.