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Mensa Japanese Puzzle Box

Boggle Box
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  • Traditional Japanese puzzle
  • Decorated wooden design
  • Official Mensa 70th anniversary limited edition
  • Unlocks the secret to keep your possessions safe!
  • Makes a fabulous way to present a gift
  • Includes 10 free brainteasers
  • Open the box in twelve moves
  • Suitable for ages 14 and over
  • Measures approx. 4.5cm (H) x 8cm (W) x 6cm (D)
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There are many mysteries that still remain in the world. The Bermuda Triangle, otherworldly geoglyphs inexplicably found in fields, and how Donald Trump ever became a presidential candidate. But some mysteries are found on a much smaller scale, much like this clever Japanese Puzzle Box!

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of all those super clever folks at Mensa, this traditional style decorated design is the ultimate 3D brainteaser. With enough room inside for a few much prized possessions, the Japanese Puzzle Box is designed to fox anyone who tries to unlock its secrets.

Providing you with a full cheat sheet of how to unlock this wooden chest, only you will be able to figure out the twelve intricate steps that leads to unlocking this cool mini crate. Made from wood and decorated with a cool geometric pattern, this Puzzle Box would be a fabulous way to present a gift to someone, or makes an awesome present for anyone who loves a tricky brainteaser!

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