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Whopping Whoopee Cushion

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  • Giant sized whoopee cushion
  • Enormous trumping sounds!
  • Blow up to inflate
  • Bigger, louder and longer sound effects
  • Over 30cm in diameter
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Whoopee Cushions have been a staple part of a prankster’s kit for years, no matter how many times you hear it, there’s still nothing funnier than Grandma sitting down and giving out a big old parp!!

If you are wanting to up your tom foolery game then the Whopping Whoopee Cushion is just the thing. This ginormous Whoopee Cushion will give out bigger, better and longer sound effects than any other whoopee cushion we have heard before. The noises from this cushion are so loud that your victim won’t be able to blame it on the dog this time. Measuring at over 30cm in diameter, this trumpy contraction is perfect for hiding under sofa cushions, simply set up the trap and wait for your next victim to take a seat!

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