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Laser-X 2 Player

Run ‘N Gun
In stock
  • For ages 6 and up
  • Light and sound effects,
  • Includes blasters and receiver vests
  • Interactive voice coach
  • Accuracy up to 60 metres
  • Play alone or as part of a team
  • Requires 6 AAA batteries
  • Measures approx. 46m x 8cm x 26cm
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Calling all commandos! Calling all commandos! This just in – Laser-Tag battles have broken out all across the country! Command has authorised dispatch of the latest in Laser Tag equipment, with the Laser X 2-Player set.

Each set contains two blasters, with ten shots per "clip" before you have to reload. These are connected to your two receiver vests and its this specialised equipment which will allow you to blast your opponent! Each hit is registered on your chest piece, valuable intel for a commando on the field! Be wary though, because you can only take eight hits before you're done for, trooper! But don't worry as this gear recharges a hit point for every minute you stay out of the line of fire. A careful trooper can get through a match and secure the win!

Full colour lighting effects make registering this information visually considerably easier, allowing you to make snap decisions in action and decide how to approach a tactical situation. You’ll be helped in this regard by the interactive voice coach your equipment comes with. Further sound augmentation comes in the form of music and sound effects, heightening the experience.

With the ability to swap between team modes (red vs blue) and one-on-one combat (“rogue”), this set is perfect to engage your opponents in all-out laser war! Go get ‘em, trooper! 

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