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Magic Music Monkey

The Monkey With All The Moves
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  • Grooving monkey speaker
  • Looks and feels like a soft toy
  • Compatible with any MP3 player
  • The dancing monkey speaker
  • Powered by USB or batteries
  • Measures approx. 23cm x 22.5cm x 23cm
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The Magic Music Monkey speaker makes a brilliant companion for your computer or mp3 player - watch as he plays and grooves to your music! Simply plug him into the headphone port of your device with the supplied cable, power him up and he'll start dancing. He's definitely the most entertaining speaker we've seen and he's sure to be a hit with the kids (both young and old)!

He's cute and furry and let's face it, who wouldn't want a dancing monkey to cheer them up?!
Powered by USB or batteries (3 x AA, please note these are not included).

Technical Specifications
  • Connects to any mp3 player
  • Suitable for iPod / iPhone
  • Can be powered via supplied usb lead
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • 1 x Music Monkey
  • 1 x audio lead (3.5mm jack)
  • 1 x USB power lead
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  1. 100%
    perfect funky monkey gift!! - Review by
    the perfect gift for music listeners so you don't feel lonely when dancing and singing along to your favourite songs!! absolutely awesome ***** :)
  2. 100%
    Amazing Toy and ... - Review by
    This is really great toy/speaker great present and soo useful. It could be even better if it had the additional function of turning off/on the movement of the monkey. It would be really perfect if you could separate the two functions : 1) Turn off/on the speaker 2) Turn off/on the monkey movement. Then when someone wants to listen the music with low volume level the sound of the movement mechanism could not be present ... as you could just turn off the movement of the monkey. I think with this additional function this product would be just perfect ! :)
  3. 100%
    Amazing gadget and even more amazing customer service - Review by
    Got this gadget online as a present. Unfortunately the monkey wasn't moving and only audio came out of the gadget. I emailed RED5 my concern and disappointment and they were very helpful. Because it was a present, the packaging happened to be thrown away so all I had was my email confirmation as proof of purchase. I emailed RED5 regarding this issue too and they told me I could take my monkey to one of their stores to exchange. Ended up going to Selfridges just before closing hours and the staff at RED5 were also very helpful! After a few tests with my monkey and with no questions asked they gave me a brand new one. It now dances and RED5 has one happy customer and a very happy dancing monkey =D thanks RED5!
  4. 80%
    Magic Music Monkey - Review by
    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She loves it! It seems to work well so far. The only disappointment is that it recommends that only standard batteries are used - not rechargeables :-(
  5. 100%
    Rissa - Review by
    I bought this for my son for Christmas - he loves it. It is rather juicy and uses up lots of batteries but it comes with a USB lead so I have bought an adaptor to run it off the mains.
  6. 60%
    Lovely present, but a bit faulty - Review by
    I bought this monkey for my mum for Xmas and she really liked it. It had really good sound quality, and its dancing was lovely. However, it has stopped working as well as it used to. Sometimes he doesn't dance, and then when we jiggle its wire, it dances again but there is a crackling sound instead. I think my mum plans to swap it for a new one, hopefully it works this time!

    RED5 says: “Hi Lizzie, hope you got this sorted! If not, feel free to contact our Customer Services team and they'll sort something out for you so you can enjoy more lovely dancing :)”

  7. 100%
    Great present - Review by
    I bought this as a Christmas present for my 20 year old brother, I couldn't believe how awesome it is, and the sheer excitement it brought to my brother's life!!!! Well done RED5, another awesome gadget!
  8. 100%
    I've named him Herbert - Review by
    I fell in love with this monkey as soon as I saw it! I bought it for my brother because I thought it looked like him and he named it Herbert haha. As for the product itself, it's awesome! The sound and quality of the speakers are better than expected and it's all coming out of a funky monkey busting his moves! Can I just say your staff at Birmingham Bullring store were so cool! They instantly get you involved as soon as you step into the shop! I was 'wow'ing at everything, I've never seen so much unusual stuff all in one store! Thankyou from one very happy cutomer that shall be returning to your store in the near future, Milly x
  9. 40%
    disappointing - Review by
    I got a Lava Lamp for my birthday and it didn't work. My dad swapped it for a monkey today and it worked perfectly and the speakers were really good. Then it started going downhill.... It stopped dancing and whatever I did it wouldn't start up and it made a funny beeping noise. It would be a great dancing monkey if only it worked properly!! Going sometime again to swap it, fingers crossed it will work this time!!

    RED5 says: \"Awww, sorry to hear about your bad luck Georgina, hopefully our lovely staff can get you all sorted.\"

  10. 100%
    hurry back please! - Review by
    I Have one of these and all my friends that have seen this want one! One word, Cute!
  11. 100%
    So cute!!! - Review by
    He's so hypnotic! How can you not want his little cute face? I think I want to get an army of them so they can dance in unison
  12. 100%
    amazing! - Review by
    i have just received him...I LOVE HIM!!!!!! best purchase!
  13. 100%
    Awesome! - Review by
    This cheeky chappy brightens even the darkest of days, really brings a smile to my face every time I see him!
  14. 100%
    He just keeps on dancing! - Review by
    I bought one of these for my little sister's birthday after seeing it bouncing away in one of RED5's store windows. Since then, it has taken pride of place on her computer desk, no doubt 'aiding' her studies (she's 19 by the way). The built in speaker is perfect for bedrooms and offices, and the monkey's push construction makes it a safe toy for a child's bed (if the parents can part with it) I've given the monkey 5 stars because it never fails to draw a smile, this despite the awful music my sister has him playing!