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Metal Springy

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  • Classic vintage toy
  • Endless entertainment
  • Bounces down stairs and slopes
  • Hypnotising movement
  • Addictive sounds
  • Made from metal
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The 1940’s didn’t exactly have much choice when it came to toys. Lego had only just been invented, Barbie didn’t even exist and most kids were left with just a stick and a hoop to play with (ask your Grandad). However, there was one toy that was so amazing, it stood the test of time and remained unchanged for over 70 years. That toy was a spring! Not just any spring, it was a magic spring to be precise. Who would have thought that something so simple could bring so much fun to millions of homes?

So how does it work we hear you ask? Firstly, you need to find a staircase, the more stairs the better. Once at the top, simply push the spring off the first step and gaze on in wonderment as the Metal Springy of happiness bounces down the stairs with the help of gravity. This once lifeless spring has now become a metallic worm determined to reach the bottom creating arguably one of the most satisfying noises you will ever hear! Unlike most toys today, no batteries or charging are needed for the Metal Springy so you literally have endless fun in the palm of your hands.

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