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Micro Turbo Racer

83% of 100
In stock
  • Micro remote control car
  • Control via Infrared
  • 4 button controller
  • Super speedy
  • Charge via cable in controller
  • 6 miniature traffic cones
  • 3 cars can be raced at once (3 frequency selectable switch)
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries
  • Measures approx. 5cm x 3cm x 3cm
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Having your own car is a great feeling. Nothing compares to zooming down the open road on a sunny afternoon in your sweet ride. Until you come into a traffic jam and move at a snail’s pace for the next few miles.

Now its time to leave your planet destroying monstrosity on the driveway and play with something that will never be stuck behind a learner, never have to get an expensive MOT and will never be under the thumb of the governments rising petrol prices.

The Micro Turbo Racer is a tiny Infrared transmitted RC car and measures in at only 5cm, just big enough to balance on your thumb! Although it’s small it sure is a nippy little racer and can fly around the room and jump off ramps thanks to the front wheel suspension. Included with the Micro Turbo Racer is an Infrared transmitter with a charging cable hidden in the side door and you can move your vehicle forward, back, left and right using the easy to use control pad. If you’re looking for more of a challenge then 6 miniature traffic cones have been included so you can create your own obstacle courses.

  • 1 x Micro turbo car
  • 1 x Remote control 
  • 6 x Cones
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  1. 20%
    Not very good - Review by
    I bought this car, not expecting too much because of the low price. It took me a while to find out where the charging port was on the car ( it doesn't tell you in the instructions you need to remove the plastic cover with a screw driver to locate the charging port). I can't comment on how good the car is as I literally drove it for thirty seconds and it stopped moving. Upon inspection, a tiny white plastic wheel had come out. Maybe I had a faulty one? Either way, I will be returning and asking for a refund and not a replacement.

    RED5 says: “Hi there Suzanne, sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your Micro Turbo Racer. You should be able to see the charging port underneath the car once it has been removed from all of the packaging so we may need to take a look at this one. If you would like to return it via post please email our Customer Service Team at [email protected] and they will get this sorted for you.”

  2. 100%
    Great! - Review by
    My daughter loves this. I got her it for Christmas and she thinks it's so cool. I've tried it myself and its so fun and you get addicted very easily!!
  3. 80%
    Tiny monster - Review by
    It's a small cuty car, can be charged and taken everywhere with just the remote and the car. There are 2 speed modes on, though I think only one of the 2 is useful as the full speed makes the car salto. Pro's; Really cool full function small car. Con's; You have to vacuum before driving or the wheels get stuck on the smallest hairs. Full speed mode isn't very useful as it will just salto.
  4. 100%
    Big things come in small boxes - Review by
    This little rocket is amazing! I bought previous versions I presume (the car in a can) and that was alright but nowhere as fast as this. The amount of times I have driven this off a table is crazy but it has no fault at all. It does seem to be a hoover sucking up the hair and dust on the floor but if you remember to just clean the floor and have tweezers at hand just in case of the odd hair, it is brilliant. And it takes round about one and a half minutes to charge! This is a must-buy!
  5. 100%
    Brilliant - Review by
    This is an excellent car because being a small car it can travel really fast. The charging time for this toy is not very long and because you can charge it directly from the remote it means that you can not loose the charger! The remote is simple but good which means that anyone can use it and you can use the cones as obstacles to drift around. Thanks for this brilliant toy!
  6. 100%
    Wicked - Review by