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Microblock Phone Case for iPhone 6 and 7

Home Build Phone Case
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  • Customisable Microblock Phone Case for your iPhone 6 or 7
  • Includes 160 assorted bricks and compatible phone case
  • Tiny blocks allow for incredible variety
  • Create your own unique designs
  • Build and rebuild as many times as you like
  • Case measures approx. 14cm x 7cm x 1cm
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Phone cases nowadays are just so boring. There’s loads to choose from, it’s true, but they all look like they’ve all rolled off the same production line. That’s where our mindblowing Microblock Phone Case comes in.

Microblocks are teeny tiny little building blocks, measuring just 5mm tall and as little as 4mm across! The back of this case is covered in Microblock studs (we haven’t counted them all but a bit of rudimentary mathematics tells us there are over 400!) and the pack includes 160 Microblocks of varying shapes, sizes and colours. That’s more than enough to create a unique phone case to your own design.

If you get bored of the design you’ve made then you can just click off all the blocks and start again. Want to write your name? No problem. Fancy a Space Invader? Go for it! How about some Mondrian style art? Why not! In our experience, 2D ‘pixel art’ style creations work best, but there’s nothing to stop you building upwards and outwards – you just might end up with collapsed creations in your pocket.

The Microblock Phone Case is the perfect way to make the back of your iPhone 6 or 7 just as expressive and colourful as the screen. 

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