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Mini Mouse Cat Toy

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  • Interactive robotic cat toy
  • Created by Hexbug
  • Vibrating movement
  • Flips over from its back
  • Paw play mode and chase mode
  • Wakes when cat touches
  • Premium smart toy
  • Requires 2 x AG13 batteries (included)
  • Measures approx. 8cm x 4cm x 3cm
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Hexbug started off with insects but their range seems to be ever-growing! Not only do they make robotic bugs and fish but now they have spread their wings into the cat toy industry.

The Mini Mouse Cat Toy has all the exciting technology you’d expect from a Hexbug toy but is designed for cats. Unlike most cat toys that involve a lot of interaction on your part this toy is a free roaming, freewheeling ball of furry fun. This premium pet toy works on a vibrating movement like other Hexbugs and can flip over from its back if needs be.

With two different play modes your kitty will be entertained for hours on end. Paw play mode features cat to toy interaction, every time your cat touches the mouse he will scurry and scamper away in each and every direction. Chase mode lets the mouse try to out run the cat and will randomly pause five times, just enough time for your cat to catch your breath.

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  1. 60%
    Fun for kittens.... - Review by
    Brought two of these for my cats - the kitten loves his, the older cat just walked away and ignored it. Also doesn't work on low pile carpeted floor....
  2. 80%
    Rose - Review by
    Good product - tough enough for my destructive kitten. Not brilliant thou on non wooden floors.
  3. 100%
    My cats love it - Review by
    Both my cats love this toy, and I love having something they can play with that doesn't involve me waving it around or throwing it for them! It does need waking up after a bit by repressing the button, and part of the tail got bitten off early on, but other than that it's the ideal cat toy. They even like it when it's not moving because of it's size and shape and the rubbery tail. I'm thinking of getting another one for when this one gets lost under the furniture.
  4. 40%
    Waste of money - Review by
    Paw Play - my cat just looks at the mouse waiting for it to move and then wanders off for something to eat or drink. Chase Mode - Vaguely interesting until the fifth time the mouse pauses and then it does nothing until I pick up the mouse again and restart the process. Also P & P was over the top.
  5. 100%
    cats love it - Review by
    This has brought a new lease of life to my mature cats (they don't like to be called \"old\" ) of my cats has a particularly powerful swipe and bats the poor mouse to the other side of the room, yet it still survives, so the mouse is obviously pretty robust. Battery life seems pretty good so far. The mouse turns itself off after a while of not being played with, so this must save the power considerably and therefore if you lose the mouse under a sofa somewhere and don't find it for a week, (like I did), you should not find that the batteries have been powered down to nothing during that time. The toy is also quite useful for picking up dust and cobwebs that I didn't know I had, under the sofas, in corners of the room and nooks and crannies generally....great little cleaner :) I shall be getting another one of these mice soon, so that the cats can have one each. I shall enjoy watching the mice dance around while the cats bang into each other in the rush to grab them :) Honestly, an excellent product, I can heartily recommend it.