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Mini Volcano

93% of 100
In stock
  • Recreates a real volcano using red "lava" beads
  • Can be used as a mood light
  • Looks good in the dark with its red LED
  • A great addition to any kids bedroom or workspace
  • 3 x AA batteries
  • Measures approx. 22cm x 7cm x 7cm
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Volcanos are an awe inspiring sight to see, especially when they are erupting. The problem is they really need to be observed from a distance......a very long distance. The Desktop Volcano allows you to get up close without running the risk of being incinerated by flowing molten lava. This volcano has a red LED so it looks great in the dark (not even Mt Vesuvius had a red LED!) and can be switched off during the day.

The miniature volcano is a great addition to any kids' bedroom or your workspace and will keep you entertained for hours watching the beads/lava float around.


  • 1 x Mini Volcano
  • 1 x Pack of beads (Lava)
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  1. 100%
    Amazing product! - Review by
    This volcano is the perfect decoration for my desktop! I really like that you get to fill it with water and put the beads in yourself, it's like a little kit. I always turn of my light in the afternoon while playing games on my pc so I can get the full effect of the lamp. It's matches my 2 red lava lamps next to it perfectly
  2. 100%
    Great choice - Review by
    I bought the mini volcano last week, Absolutely Brilliant in the dark. I would strongly recommend this product.
  3. 100%
    Brilliant - Review by
    Loved this and looks really good in the room at night
  4. 100%
    Rose - Review by
    Brilliant and mesmerizing...
  5. 100%
    Cool - Review by
    Good, original, unbelievable fun.
  6. 20%
    Terrible - Review by
    I just purchased this for my child for her birthday and we tried it and put the little bead things into the little clear box and it was full we put it on and she accidentally knocked it over however not damaged which was good but then we started to see water come out the top then we took the black lid off and we looked at the plug a bit closer nod it has a hole in the lid. It looked really cool in the dark but disappointing in the lid

    RED5 says: “Hi there Suzanne, sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Mini Volcano. Please be aware that this product is intended to be stood upright at all times, the tiny hole in the plug is a design feature which allows the air and water to circulate properly. ”

  7. 100%
    Fantastic - Review by
    I love it because it does a really good glow in my room at night and because it's really cool to see.
  8. 100%
    beatyful - Review by
    It was awesome, bought one for me after I saw my friends.
  9. 100%
    Great product as usual - Review by
    Just received mine and love it. Haven't got distilled water so put in normal tap water and works great for now, I'm just hoping the batteries last a decent time, going to order another for present.
  10. 100%
    Great item for my room! - Review by
    My room is a bit dark and it needed something in it to help. I bought this and its great and bright! Although you do have to change to water a few times a month as it can get quite misty other than that its great!

    RED5 says: “Hi there Raj, we're really pleased to hear that you like your Mini Volcano. We would recommend using distilled or de-ionised water (rinse it out a bit first) and then only put a drop of washing up liquid in - this should mean that you don't need to change the water as often :)”

  11. 100%
    Changed my life!!! - Review by
    I bought this beautiful volcano for my desk at work and I have to say its the best thing I have ever bought. It has brought so much attention to my desk, people stop as they walk past everyday to admire this unique lamp. I love the way the beads are pushed to the top then gently fall back down, its so relaxing I could almost fall asleep at my desk, plus the company isn't great in here so its just another bonus that brightens my day. That is all.
  12. 80%
    Volcano - Review by
    Very eye-catching, even relaxing but agree it does tend to go cloudy so trying without wishing up detergent...And does anyone know if it's possible to get replacement beads?

    RED5 says: “Hi Luke, if you contact our lovely Customer Services team they can sort out some replacement beads for you!”

  13. 80%
    WOW - Review by
    This is really cool! I recommend this item. I really like this, but sometimes it can get a bit fogy it is quite hard to take all the water out without losing at least one ball. But apart from that I think it is amazin!
  14. 100%
    Lava-tastic! - Review by
    This is awesome! I love volcanoes so I loved this! Really good present and I'm going to buy some for Christmas for my friends! The beads don't stick together and nothing bad has happened. So that's all good! The colour is so nice and it just looks amazing at night!
  15. 100%
    Brilliant!! - Review by
    I purchased this item and I am really pleased with it! I've had it for more than a month now and use it almost every night. It looks really good and it is very bright. When I first turned it on when it was all set up, I noticed some of the beads were sticking together but after 5 minutes they all separated and haven't stuck together ever since! I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it looks great on a desk, bedroom etc. :)
  16. 100%
    GREAT LIGHT - Review by
    I bought this for my son who is absolutely mad on volcanos, he thinks this is fantastic. Works really well and it is very soothing to watch - think i'm going to buy the Jellyfish Tank as well