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  • Portable espresso maker
  • The flask barista for on the move!
  • Ideal for any coffee lover on the go
  • Made from durable & lightweight stainless steel
  • With a water capacity of 70ml & 7g of coffee
  • 100% BPA free
  • Internal semi-automatic piston grinds coffee
  • Minipresso weighs an ultra-portable 360 grams
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We love travelling around, seeing the sights, meeting cool and interesting new people and generally doing super cool stuff. But there’s a few creature comforts that we can’t help but pine for when we’re away from our humble abodes. Luckily the Minipresso saves us from all our coffee woes, ensuring that even when we’re scaling the dizzy heights of a mountain or walking on a beach, we can still enjoy the sumptuous taste of our favourite coffee wherever we are!

Providing fantastic quality espresso when you’re on the move, this fantastic little gadget doesn’t require compressed air, electricity or N20 cartridges, just fresh, delicious coffee every time! Using an internal semi-automatic piston to grind the coffee beans and create fantastic espresso, you can control the amount of coffee beans ground to create your perfect beverage.

The Minipresso works by pushing small amounts of water and injecting them into the coffee adaptor. After a few pushes optimum pressure is reached and you will have a delicious espresso. And with a built-in espresso cup and scoop so you’ll never have to carry any extra accessories to enjoy a much-needed beverage on the go, making this portable drinks maker a dream come true for any barista!

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