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MiP Coder

Programmed For Maximum Fun
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  • MiP Coder Programmable Robot
  • Two wheeled robot follows your commands
  • Clap, swipe, touch and more to get him to react
  • MiP can sing, dance, play and more
  • Use free app to program movements and actions
  • Educational fun for children learning about coding 
  • Plan his route with code or drive him with the app
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • App available on Android and iOS
  • Suitable for ages 8+
  • Measures approx. 14cm x 7cm x 19cm
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One of the coolest developments in the field of robotics in recent years was MiP, a tiny, cute robot best friend to keep your entertained for hours. Now you can enjoy even more fun with this robotic marvel, thanks to the MiP Coder.

With a free app, available for Android and iOS, you can connect to MiP via Bluetooth and input basic commands through a fun and colourful interface, perfect for teaching your kids (or your bigger kids) the basics of computer programming. Through this platform, you can instruct MiP to move around, deliver objects on his tray, make noises and do a whole load of other fun things in response to whatever stimuli you stipulate.

MiP also has some built in features that make him better able to navigate the world around him – with his BeaconSense, he can detect objects around him and where he is in relation to them, with his GestureSense MiP can respond to anything from a wave to a clap in whatever way you program him. And with sound detection, he can react to noises around him, and he’s even got a gyroscope and accelerometer, which allows him to orient himself and know when he’s being picked up.

The MiP Coder has swappable tyres for all terrain, and a USB rechargeable battery for recharging the power when MiP’s all tuckered out. With all this and more, this guy is the robot of the future. 

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