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MiP Dinosaur

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  • Robotic dinosaur pet
  • 3 ways to interact
  • Motion controlled with up to 10 different commands
  • Use the Trackball to unlock more features and games
  • Articulated tail
  • Interact with other MiPosaurs or the MiP robot for cybernetic battles
  • Download the free smartphone app for more games
  • Compatible with iOS or Android
  • Requires 4 x AA and 4 x AAA batteries
  • Dinosaur measures approx. 38cm x 18cm x 12cm
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It’s every kids’ dream to own a dinosaur. Ever since Jurassic Park hit our screens, dinosaurs have been top of many children’s wish lists. One problem with this dream is the unfortunate eating-people habit that seems to happen when dinosaurs meet humans. The other problem is more of a science issue, leaving dinosaur creation sadly (or happily, depending on your point of view) left to our imaginations.

Enter the MiPosaur! Based on the technology developed for the MiP robot, Wowwee have managed to combine advanced robotics with everyone’s favourite reptile, meaning that the dream of a friendly yet awesome dino pet can finally be realised! There are three main ways to play with your new pal, using cutting-edge GestureSense Technology, the included Trackball or through the MiPosaur free app.

Using GestureSense the MiPosaur will respond to 10 basic movement commands and will react in a different way, depending on its mood. Be careful though, you can easily make a new best friend or make your pet dinosaur angry! The included TrackBall also comes with 6 different game modes: Leash, Ball, Food, Teddy Bear, Dance, and BeatBox. Feed your MiPosaur tasty snacks to keep it happy, play fetch or get it to follow your every step on a virtual lead.

The free app is available to download on the Apple and Android store and adds a whole new dimension to the fun you can have with this little creature. Use the remote control feature to control your MiPosaur directly from your smart device, feed your new pet, battle with friends and much more!

Please note: MiPosaur is not compatible with older models of iPhone and Android phone, please click here to check your device compatibility.

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