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Mystery Mini My Little Pony Series 3

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  • Official My Little Pony collectibles
  • 12 variations to collect
  • Blind box surprise
  • 3 black bodied ponies
  • Ponies measure approx. 6cm tall
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The cutest TV show ever made is back in Mystery Mini form. This selection of colourful littles ponies who love singing, dancing and making friends can now be welcomed into your home.

Fill up your stables with adorable ponies from the hit TV show. The Mystery Mini My Little Pony Series 3 boxes are blind so who you will find waiting inside is always a surprise! Maybe you’ll find a Party Pony like Pinkie Pie or Cheese Sandwich? Perhaps you will find a rare black edition pony? There’s only one way to find out!

Each Mystery Mini My Little Pony box will contain one officially licensed pony for you to keep.


1 pony per box:

  • Princess Cadance (black body)
  • Spike (black body)
  • Cheese Sandwich (black body)
  • Luna
  • Apple Bloom
  • Celestia
  • Shining Armor
  • Sweetie Belle
  • Scootaloo
  • Maude Pie
  • Nightmare Moon
  • Queen Chrysalis
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