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Paper Shooters Extinction Blaster Kit

Spitball Shooter
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  • Plastic and cardboard gun
  • Kit includes 141 pieces
  • Fires mulched up paper bullets
  • Shoots up to 20 metres
  • Includes 50 rounds to get you started
  • Shell ejects with every shot like a real gun
  • Includes ammunition mould
  • Quick and easy to make new bullets
  • Super accurate
  • Features interchangeable camo skin
  • Biodegrabable bullets
  • Live out your action movie fantasies
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At RED5 HQ we’re certainly not averse to a bit of target practice, but obviously using real firearms in the office would be a terrible idea. Luckily not only is the amazing Extinction Blaster a damn fine alternative it also fires ‘bullets’ of mulched up paper, which has rendered the office shredder pretty much obsolete.

But the fun of the Extinction Blaster starts before you even load your first pellet. Supplied in a kit form you’ll start by building a plastic ‘skeleton’ for the gun, including an air chamber, springs and a sensitive trigger mechanism. You’ll then fit a super cool interchangeable camo ‘skin’ made from sturdy coated cardboard, featuring highly detailed graphics and you’re ready to go!

The kit includes 50 ‘Soft-Splat’ paper pellets to get you going – all you need to do is dip them in water for around 30 seconds, pop them into the included shell casings and you’re ready to lock and load. The Extinction Blaster will fire these pellets up to 20 metres which is more than enough to stealth blast a target on the other side of the office, and they’re sticky so you’ll know exactly what you’ve hit. It also ejects shell casings just like a real gun for the ultimate in authenticity!

So if you like building things and shooting things (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then the Paper Shooters Extinction Blaster Kit will be right up your street! 

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