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Gifts For Party Animals

57 Items

  1. T900 Speaker
    T900 Speaker
  2. Boom Induction Speaker
    Boom Induction Speaker
    Special Price £19.99 was £24.99 Save £5.00
  3. Induction Duo Speaker
    Induction Duo Speaker
    Special Price £14.99 was £24.99 Save £10.00
  4. Stormtrooper Speaker
    Stormtrooper Bluetooth Speaker
    Special Price £29.99 was £39.99 Save £10.00
  5. Jellyfish Water Speakers
    Jellyfish Water Speakers
    Special Price £14.99 was £24.99 Save £10.00
  6. EQ Speaker 1
    EQ Speaker
  7. Karaoke Microphone
    Karaoke Microphone
    Special Price £24.99 was £29.99 Save £5.00
  8. Face Mats
    Face Mats
  9. Mini Vortex Lamp
    Mini Vortex Lamp
    Special Price £14.99 was £24.99 Save £10.00
  10. Party Bulb
    Party Bulb
    Special Price £9.99 was £11.99 Save £2.00
  11. Who Am I?
    Who Am I?
  12. 3D Motion Face Coasters
    3D Motion Face Coasters
    Special Price £1.97 was £4.99 Save £3.02
  13. DIY Drinking Straws
    DIY Straws
  14. Blok Induction Speaker
    Blok Induction Speaker
    Special Price £2.47 was £11.99 Save £9.52
  15. Photo Booth
    Photo Booth
  16. Gigantic Pink Flamingo Pool Float
    Giant Flamingo Float
    Special Price £24.99 was £29.99 Save £5.00
  17. Mouthfull

Party animals are the spice of life. We call them 'the party paprika' at RED5, added to any situation for a hint of zest and flavour. We all know someone who loves to party hard, someone who lives to get down and funky, and sometimes it's just impossible to keep up with their antics. We can however show our appreciation for all the work they do for the party community with the RED5 range of gifts for party animals. All our party animal gifts are tested in field conditions, and excel in providing robust party-time support.