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Plasma Ball

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  • Interactive mood light
  • Makes crazy lightning patterns inside the globe
  • Responds to touch
  • Reacts to music when switch is flipped
  • Globe made of glass with plastic base unit
  • Mesmerising lighting effect
  • 6" glass dome
  • Sound Responsive
  • Globe measures approx. 15cm in diameter
  • Unit measures approx. 26cm x 15cm x 15cm
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Plasma balls were accidentally invented by Nikola Tesla during experiments with high frequency currents and he called them 'inert gas discharge tubes'. Thankfully in the 1980's they were modernised and given a much cooler name of 'Plasma Balls' - and that's the name we've gone for too!

These marvels of science are the ultimate iconic indoor lighting and feature two different modes. The Plasma Ball can be switched permanently on or set to 'sound responsive' mode in which the globe illuminates in time with the music, creating the ultimate party effect!

Placing your hand on the globe attracts the ignited plasma but don't worry its completely insulated so you don't feel a thing. It's one of those things that you simply can't stop touching!

The Plasma Globe is the perfect interactive present for anyone that loves science, and even those who don't - although we frown at you!

Technical Specifications
  • Contains noble gases
  • Powered by mains (adaptor supplied)
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  1. 80%
    Cool and Strange item!! - Review by
    This is sooo cool!!! Its really fun and fascinating to watch but after a while of touching it your fingers/hand starts to smell a bit.
  2. 100%
    i'm not the only one - Review by
    Me and my cat love it.
  3. 100%
    totally captivating ! - Review by
    One of the best gadgets . Everyone wants to touch it!
  4. 100%
    Amazzzinggg - Review by
    This product is great and is amazing in the dark.This product is non stop fun and I went on YouTube looking for tricks to do and they all worked perfectly.The price was well-rounded and I think £20.00 was a good price.I recommend this to everyone, AMAZING!!!
  5. 100%
    ace - Review by
    Retro! Looks amazing in the dark, I flip it onto the audio option so it flashes to my music, mesmerising.
  6. 100%
    Plasma Ball - Review by
    Blast from the past! These things are hard to find on the high street these days. RED5 to the rescue! I love my plasma ball. Its totally funky.
  7. 100%
    BZZZZzzzzt! - Review by
    Thank you Nikolai Tesla for inventing this. These things are great. Having one of these in a dimly lit room makes you feel every bit the mad scientist. Now all that's needed is a lab coat, untameable hair, a hunchbacked assistant n' I'll feel about right.
  8. 100%
    Fantastic - Review by
    This product is amazing everybody will love it for sure, its so cool :)