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Pop It Like It's Hot
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  • Super cool smartphone helper that pops out when needed
  • Sticks to most gadgets and cases and can be moved multiple times
  • Many and varied uses – stand, grip, headphone wrap…
  • Pops in and out as and when you need it
  • Measures approx. 20mm (extended) / 7mm (collapsed) x 40mm x 40mm
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Who would’ve thunk that a sticky little nubbin would revolutionise the way we interact with our favourite mobile technologies? Well after trying out the incredible little Popsocket we’re definitely converts.

Simply peel of the backing, make sure your phone is clean and pop it on there, then prepare to be quietly amazed. Your phone now has a super handy stand for when you want to watch a bit of Netflix at your desk or make a video call, somewhere to wrap your earphones without obscuring the screen (and if you want to be really neat why not install two for the ultimate in wrapping?) and, perhaps most importantly, a really useful grip for when you’re holding the phone. Simply pop it out when needed (hence the name!) then back in when you’re not using it. Simples!

No more balancing it on your finger and risking dropping it in your cornflakes or getting weird indentations in your digits (this has actually happened to one of us here!), holding your phone – however big it might be – is now effortless and comfortable, even when you’re lying down looking up at Clash of Clans. We’d sooner not say how often we’ve dropped our phones on our faces doing this, but the average has declined rapidly since the advent of the Popsocket.

What’s more – as if that isn’t awesome enough – if you opt for a Popsocket Combo pack you’ll also get a super cunning Popclip car mount. Simply stick this little holder onto your car (or mirror, or monitor or… Well anything really!) and your Popsocket turns into an even more useful phone mount!

You can even relocate the Popsocket at will (handy tip – fishing wire or dental floss is a great way to get it off) as often as you like, just give it a rinse under the tap if it gets a bit ganky. So if you want to make mobile use that much more convenient why not treat yourself and try a Popsocket? 

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