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RED5 Books - Shots & Shooters

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  • Fifty inventive and original shots and shooters
  • Ingredients and equipment listed
  • Get party starters
  • Classic shorts
  • Shots and shooters
  • Games and forfeits
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 13cm x 1cm
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When you go to a cocktail bar you may be amazed by the array of different drinks that can be created. Some are layered colours of alcohol goodness and some are smoking, but just how do they do it? Those clever cocktail makers probably had a good read of this book before starting their shift to get all the recipes they needed.

Here in this book are 50 recipes for the finest drinks you can down in one mouthful as well as some tasty shooters to savour. Most shots will leave a bad taste in your mouth and can be quite hard to swallow but this book changes our opinions on shots completely. You can make some really delicious drinks to impress your friends with by layering liquids, setting them on fire and giving them a frothy top. From a fruity Crackbaby to a colourful Pousse-Café, there’s a drink for every fussy drinker you know.  If these all seem too pleasurable for you, there is also a section including a few cheeky forfeits for some of the inventive drinking games in the last chapter.

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