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Shiatsu Massager

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  • Enjoy a Japanese style massage at home
  • Combines Shiatsu massage techniques with heat
  • Extendable massage length
  • 25 different settings including Shiatsu, spot and rolling
  • Deep kneading massage relieves tight knots
  • Rolling massage stretches and relaxes muscles
  • Mains powered
  • Measures approx. 104cm x 44cm x 6cm
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Introducing the Shiatsu massager seat accessory, this wonderful machine uses soothing heat and Japanese massage techniques to strengthen the body’s natural healing abilities and balance your energy flow.

This model comes with 25 different settings, from deep kneading Shiatsu massages to relieve even the tightest knots, to a comfortable rolling massage that stretches and relaxes the muscles.

The Shiatsu massager is made by the UK’s number 1 massage brand Homedics and with its extendable massage length and adjustable width control can be fitted to any seat to be enjoyed by absolutely anyone.

Please note: this product comes with a screw located in the back of the unit. This is there for shipment protection only and must be removed before product use. Please see page 6 in the instruction manual for more details.

Please note this product comes supplied with a UK plug. If purchasing for use in a country outside the UK an additional adaptor/converter may be required.

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  1. 80%
    Wife loves it! - Review by
    Ok, this is really a 4.5, not quite perfect, but almost. We've had this massager for a couple of months now, and it's still in use! ok only once or twice a week, but would probably use it more if is was a little more easy to get out and put away. It is a little heavy and has dangling wires and a loose base, so it can be a bit of a faff to set it up You need to use it on a soft sofa type chair, not a hard dining room style chair. It has a simple sheet of material that you sit on, to keep it in place. Just make sure your butt / base of back is right up against it. You then press the button and the magic begins! the massage starts at the base of your spine and then moves slowly up and down, optionally heating you as it goes. It's an odd rotating style movement. You need to make sure your back is central to the mechanism, or it can get painful as it hits a bone. It's height adjustable, but only really copes with those up to 5' 10\". there is a control to say how far up your spine it goes. You can get it to stay in one area instead of moving up and down. You can also adjust the distance between the massage pads. You can turn the heat on or off. It's quite a powerful little device, coping with those of a larger stature without making any nasty creaking noises or sounding like it is under stress. A must for all mothers of annoying children.