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Ship Wrecked Drinking Game

All hands to the wreck!
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  • Shipwrecked themed drinking board game
  • A brand new take on the Battleships board game
  • Guess your opponent’s position
  • Take a shot of liqueur whenever you get a hit
  • Avoid getting tanked!
  • Complete with Ship Wrecked board and 8 shot glasses
  • Nautical fun for grown-ups
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The first thing you think about when you visualise the seven seas are merry Pirates sailing tall ships, stealing hoards of treasure and perching shoulder parrots. So, if you can’t resist a little pirating swag, then you’ll love the Ship Wrecked Drinking Game; the brand-new take on Battleships for slightly naughty grown-ups.

So, hold on to your peg leg, and prepare to take to the seas on an amazing trip to remember! (Or maybe not!)

The perfect party piece for any pirate in the making, this two-player shipwrecked themed drinking game makes light work of choppy waters. Just like the classic game of Battleships, this gridded board replaces plastic aircraft carriers with four shot glasses per player. All you have to do is place your shots into secret positions around the board and take turns trying to get a hit on your opponent’s galleon shot glasses. When you guess correctly your opponent has to take a shot until there’s no shots left, and whoever has the last remaining ship wins the game!

And just like pirates, you’ll be tanked, grog blossomed and completed Ship wrecked before the game is over!

But remember! Unlike pirates, please drink responsibly!

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  • Shipwrecked game board
  • 8 themed shot glasses
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