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Smartphone Projector

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  • Stylish retro smartphone projector
  • Provides up to 8x magnification
  • Magnify videos, movies and pictures
  • Self-assembly, glue is not included
  • Fits phones up to 8cm x 14.5cm
  • Suitable for use with iOS and Android and Windows
  • Measures approx. 21cm x 17cm x 10cm
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If you ever find yourself gathering round a smartphone trying to catch a glimpse of the latest videos, or want to project a movie from your phone but still want to stay in bed, then we feel your pain.

Luckily though, the original build it yourself Smartphone Projector solves these problems in one super-retro lo-fi box. All you need to do is simply whack up your brightness settings to maximum, get it nice and dark, and project all your favourite vids. The Smartphone Projector is light, portable and the perfect combination of retro and smart technology. With its old school cinematic styling, all that’s missing is a French newspaper and a strong black coffee!

So grab your popcorn, settle down in the comfiest spot you can find and create a little piece of the big screen magic from your little screen!

Please note: For optimal performance this product requires complete darkness, with your smartphone set on full brightness. We find that the best viewing distance is 1m from a white wall. Some phones may require an additional app that will lock the screen rotation so the image can be displayed upside down.

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