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  • Cute melting desktop snowman
  • Body made of white putty
  • Complete with all parts
  • Once he's melted simply rebuild
  • Once built measures approx. 7cm tall
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Ever since the movie The Snowman we’ve been traumatised by the reality that one day you might wake up and your freshly built Snowman may now just be a puddle of water. It’s a cruel world we live in! Thankfully after the Snowimal has melted you can rebuild him or her (we’re sure there might be a snowballs joke we could have thrown in here!).

The Snowimal has everything you need to make your very own, ultra-cute, desktop Snowman! Made of a very special non Newtonian fluid, it will melt before your eyes, and if left long enough, will become a puddle of white. Complete with two arms, hat, eyes, red scarf and carrot nose, it has everything you need to create your miniature snowman!

  • 1 x white putty
  • 2 x eyes
  • 2 x arms
  • 1 x red scarf
  • 1 x carrot nose
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  1. 100%
    Sadistic awesomeness. - Review by
    I received this gift from my girlfriend. It doesn't really matter what you make from it, for some reason it always looks cool. It starts to decay quite fast in my home and after about 15 minutes you start to feel sad for the little buddy (294 K). But hey you can make a new awesome buddy.
  2. 100%
    Everyone Should Have One! - Review by
    I brought a couple of these, one for my daughter and one for my son as Christmas presents. After seeing them come through and the video I have purchased even more for friends and family for Christmas time (also one for my desk at work!). Great all round fun gift which you can use over and over and over again.
  3. 20%
    terrebul - Review by
    bad I kept melting ):

    RED5 says: \"That's kind of the point Jack ;)\"

  4. 80%
    Great fun - Review by
    Great to play with again and again.
  5. 100%
    Great fun even for disabled children - Review by
    Bought this as a stocking filler for my son with profound delayed learning, he was transfixed making it up and both befuddled and intrigued when it melted, but happy to be able to build it up again. Needed supervision when playing with it due to the small parts, but a great idea to accompany the Snowman DVD too so he can tangibly see the snowman melt but then see that they can be made again, so not such a sad ending!!
  6. 100%
    So cool! - Review by
    Such fun - my kids loved this
  7. 100%
    Amusing and great present - Review by
    It was brilliant and a great laugh for the family especially if it doesn't snow! It was great and would definitely buy this as a present for anyone.
  8. 100%
    Fab gift.... Great fun and good quality too - Review by
    Fabulous product. Bought two of these for Christmas stocking fillers and I loved them so much I bought another 13 for party bag prizes. Great fun. Melt down works very well and the plastic limbs and box are very good quality so it can be used again and again. Highly recommended for ages 5-10!!
  9. 100%
    will never get boring - Review by
    I bought one of these for the kids in my house and everyone who comes round cant wait to get their hands on it. I never seen so many diffrent age groups getting such enjoyment from such a silly item. It never gets boring. build him up then leave him to melt in to a big blob,just like the real thing but funnier.