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Sphero Ollie

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  • App controlled robot
  • Reaches speeds up to 14mph
  • Driving and programming apps available
  • Free apps available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store
  • Perform drifts, flips, spins and tricks
  • In tests Sphero Ollie reached heights of six foot from just a small ramp
  • Super durable polycarbonate shell
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • App powered tricks
  • Internal glowing LEDs
  • Conquer any terrain
  • Highly manoeuvrable – spin on a dime
  • Super grippy interchangeable tyres
  • Instantly connect via LE Bluetooth
  • Customizable tyres and hubcaps for various terrains
  • USB charging
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Programmable SDK
  • Sphero Ollie measures approx. 25cm x 12cm x 12cm
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Please note: Sphero Ollie comes with blue tracks as standard, if you would like different colour tracks these can be purchased seperately from the Sphero website.

Meet Sphero Ollie – An amazing new robot from the guys at Orbotix who brought us the equally amazing Sphero 2.0. This marvel of technology is a high speed RC device that you can control via a smart phone or tablet.

Ollie can reach speeds up to 14mph and perform spins, drifts, flips and app powered tricks! Drive Sphero Ollie straight off a ramp and he will be in no trouble at all when it comes to landing, all thanks to a strong and durable polycarbonate shell. Smart sensors within the device detect its rotation and direction enabling you to keep on driving as soon as it lands! Whilst in testing, Sphero Ollie managed to fly off a small ramp and reach heights of more than six feet! Incredible!

Sphero Ollie is a cylindrical and customisable design; add tyres and hubcaps to get the most fun and best performance out of this app controlled robot. Sphero Ollie can tackle the outdoors like no other and a trip to your local skate park is a great way to bring out his full potential. The world is your playground as it can conquer any terrain you place it on. Grass, road, sand, you name it, he can handle it.

Simply connect Sphero Ollie to your iOS, Android or Windows device (please see tech specs below for compatibility) using the new Low Energy Bluetooth and control over a 30 metre range.

With built in LED lights Ollie looks like something from the future, day and night. You can even race with up to 4 other Ollies at the same time.

If that’s not enough techy goodness for you then you may be interested to know that the Sphero Ollie comes with automatic firmware updates and a programmable SDK so you can create a new way to use it!

Technical Specifications
  • iOS and Android compatibile
  • Play time approx. 1 hour
  • Full charge time approx. 3 hours

Smartphone/Tablet Compatibility:

  • iOS devices (version 7.0 or later)
  • Android devices (version 4.4 or later)
  • 1 x Sphero Ollie
  • 1 x Pair of nubby tyres for total traction
  • 1 x Pair of prime Hubs for style
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Quick start guide
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  1. 100%
    just a good product - Review by
    As soon as I saw Ollie I knew it would be good fun and my son and me had a great time in the park At first we had trouble with the controls but then we got used to it Apart from that it was a ok price but for quality it was outstanding
  2. 100%
    A great little robot - Review by
    Ollie is a great little toy. It comes in a nicely displayed box, with Ollie, the tyres and the hubcaps all separate. It's very easy to attach the tyres and the hubcaps were slightly difficult to attach but easy enough with enough force. Syncing up to the phone is extremely quick and easy, Ollie just had to be held up to the phone briefly. I first tested my Ollie in the kitchen. He has a surprising amount of speed and acceleration and is extremely agile. I like the way that the tyres and hubcaps are optional so you can drift or go to the Sphero website and customise the look of your Ollie with different tyre treads. It took me a while to learn how to control Ollie, as you don't get a radio to control Ollie, you need a smartphone and the Ollie app (there is currently 4 different apps with different purposes Ollie is compatible with). You get a virtual joypad and a trickpad too. At first I found this frustrating but I have grown to think this is actually a really clever and innovative idea. The app gives you the ability to change settings such as the level of speed Ollie has, a great use if playing with indoors or while mastering your Ollie; choose a tight or drift cornering setting or change how quickly Ollie accelerates. There is also presets to change your setting for you: what kind of room and surface you're on. When Ollie was taken outside he proved to be great fun! I rolled Ollie down a sizeable hill and no damage was taken, Ollie survived a beating. Ollie was great for using on pavement and everyone who walked past looked on in fascination to see this thing going along by them. Ollie is extremely fast and I never got him up to full speed because there was too many people around! 2 Ollies were used simultaneously and there was no interference from the devices. Off road Ollie performed well on mud and short grass. However if Ollie was placed in the middle of a normal length patch of grass he often found it difficult to move at all. If he was given a run up he was much more capable and would run over small rocks and branches. The battery in Ollie lasted a very long time and was definitely more than an hour as stated by Sphero. The range was also really good and even when Ollie was very far away he was never out of range. Overall Ollie is a great gadget that I will continue to play with for a long time yet to come. I would have liked to see it be waterproof but it has proved to be a great and very unique looking gadget. I would recommend this to anyone, although maybe not younger children as it has a good amount of power.