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Spider Catcher Original

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  • A humane way to rid your home of spiders
  • Catches spiders, moths, butterflies, crane flies and more!
  • Able to catch unwanted guests from 2mm in length to 25mm
  • Able to reach into awkward spots – ceilings and corners
  • Patented design
  • Soft bristles envelope insects without causing any harm
  • Trigger handle
  • Keeps you around 65cm away from the bugs
  • No batteries or insecticides required
  • Handy stick on hanging hook for convenience
  • Clear plastic bristle protector
  • Must have household gadget!
  • Measures approx. 65cm x 13cm x 6cm
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Spiders, the little black things that nightmares are made of, who only seem to exist to scare the heebie-jeebies out of us, have finally met their match! Introducing the Spider Catcher, the amazing gadget that grabs the terrifying arachnids and ejects them from our homes, without the need for us to get up close and personal (thank goodness)!  

This must-have household gadget is able to save you from the dreaded spiders, moths, daddy long legs and other nasty insects you don’t want in your humble abode. Using soft but firm bristles, you can safely remove the unwanted guest without causing them any harm. the Spider Catcher saves you from cleaning yucky spider guts from your wall and flip flops! The patented design keeps you around 65cm away from the creepy crawlies at all times and uses a trigger to open and close the bristles around the bug, so you can carefully set them free outside.

The Spider Catcher is great to catch insects enjoying the high life on your ceiling and getting into awkward corners where a rolled up newspaper just wouldn’t fit. This convenient gadget is a must have for wuss’s and scaredy cats alike. There’s even a free plastic spider included so you can practice beforehand! 

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