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Spy Clock 8gb

Spy O’Clock
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  • Super stylish stainless steel timepiece
  • Incredible motion and sound sensor
  • Records both video and still images
  • Cunning hidden camera lens and USB connection
  • Includes 8GB Micro SD card
  • Perfect for keeping an eye on things when you’re out
  • It even tells the time as well! 
  • Recharge with the included USB cable
  • Measures approx. 65 mm x 65 mm x 15 mm (folded) / 73 mm (upright)
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We all remember the bit in Dr No where a super suave Sean Connery (swoon) carefully places a hair across a cupboard door and puts fingerprint powder on his briefcase so he’ll know if his hotel room has been searched. But let’s be honest, despite its iconic status this feels more than a little bit archaic nowadays. But what’s a modern superspy to do to find out if the baddies have been poking around?

Well, they could do use this awesome Spy Clock gadget. Looking like nothing more than a normal, super stylish travel or shelf clock it has more than a couple of surprises up its classy, stainless steel sleeve.  

In this day and age we expect almost everything to have a camera built in – phones, drones, smartwatches – and the Spy Clock is no exception. It features both video and still recording, with a hidden USB port to connect it to your PC or Mac and an included 8GB SD card. The camera on the clock face is so well hidden (well it IS a Spy Clock right?) that it took us ages to find it. But the really cool feature of the Spy Clock is the ingenious motion and sound detector.

That’s right – you can set your Spy Clock to sit quietly in the corner, ticking away the minutes until someone (or something) enters the room, triggering the cunning little sensor. It will then record video – letting you know if your housemate has being snaffling your secret cookie stash or the cat has been knocking plants off the table. It’ll then go back to sleep until something else triggers the sensor.

So if you’re worried that SPECTRE is poking through your private documents or HYDRA is stealing your crisps, pop a Spy Clock on your shelf and you can find out for sure. 

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