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Spy Mini Camera

I spy with my little camera…
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  • Ridiculously tiny spy video camera for everyday espionage
  • Records up to 2 hours of video at 720 x 480 resolution with sound
  • Includes a range of mounts for wherever you need to spy
  • Cunning sound mode is ideal for stealthy surveillance
  • Measures approx. 55 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm (without mounts)
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There’s only one thing more annoying than coming downstairs to get milk for your morning cornflakes and finding the fridge bare, and that’s finding a forlorn bottle with naught but a splash of milk at the bottom. If you have a spouse or housemate that’s guilty of this then you know the pain. But you’ve never been able to prove it was them (and not the phantom milk beast)… until now!

The Spy Mini Camera is a super tiny (and we mean REALLY tiny – it’s 55 mm tall but only 20 mm wide and deep) camera that will record video from whatever cunningly obscured location you choose for it. It comes bundled with a stack of handy mounts including a stand, a pocket clip and a wall mount) so you can set it up wherever you like and it’ll record 720 x 480 AVI video for a massive 2 hours to a Micro SD card (not included). It also has especially good low-light performance and is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Now, 2 hours doesn’t sound like a lot when you’re constantly monitoring the fridge for inconsiderate milk snafflers. But fret not, the Spy Mini Cam has a cunning trick up its sleeve! Simply set it to “Sound Activated” mode and go about your daily business and the camera will magically wake up only if it hears a sound of 60 dB (average conversation) or greater. It’ll then record for at least two minutes and go back to sleep when the sound stops; then when there’s another noise it will start recording again, and so on.

We’ve not tested it so we can’t guarantee anything (and different fridges may make different noises) but we reckon a fridge door at close proximity will be loud enough to trigger the camera. So just make sure you’ve hidden it well (without covering the microphone) and next time you fall foul of the midnight milk monkey you’ll know exactly who’s the culprit! 

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