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Viper Water Jet RC Helicopter

Squirty Machine
91% of 100
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  • 3 channel gyro helicopter with built in water gun
  • 360o rotating and accurate positioning
  • Can hold up to 10ml of water
  • Fires up to 6 feet away
  • Built in gyro provides a smooth and stable flight
  • Charge using USB cable or via the controller
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 5cm x 12cm
  • Main rotor measures approx. 22cm in diameter
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Proving to your friends and family that you are the best R/C helicopter pilot ever has just become a lot easier. You can say goodbye to perfect landings, tricks and stunts and all that rubbish because now you can fire water at unsuspecting victims!

The Viper Water Jet uses 3 channel control to let you manoeuvre your heli left, right, up, down, forward and back. The built in gyro system holds you stable whilst in flight and the hovering ability and 360o rotating, along with accurate positioning, helps get your aim ready before your splash your opponents. Use the pipette and funnel to fill up your built in water canister with up to 10ml of water, which can then be fired up to 6 feet away! The bright lights dotted along the body let you be seen when flying in low light areas and the 3.7 lithium polymer battery gives you a flight time of up to 6 minutes.

So if you enjoy flying choppers around and squirting water at people even more than that, then this is the ideal heli for you.

Technical Specifications
  • Charge via controller or USB cable for approx. 45mins for 6 mins flight time
  • 3.7v lithium polymer battery
  • Can hold up to 10ml of water
  • 3 frequencies available
  • Controller requires 6 x AA batteries
  • 1 x Viper Water Jet Helicopter
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x pipette
  • 2 x spare blades
  • 1 x funnel
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  1. 100%
    Fantastic... you won't be disappointed. - Review by
    I bought this for my sons 9th birthday after him saying he wanted a helicopter, I read the reviews and was happy enough to get one. All I can say is wow, my son LOVES it. Advised him to learn the controls and how it moves before actually flying the helicopter, his dad showed him what to learn and get more confident. My son was able to learn pretty quickly and in 2 days learnt to fly it. It has been crashed against the wall and dropped on the floor suddenly, heart in my mouth but the helicopter is fine and robust. My ONLY complaint is... I had to go out and get my hubby one as he too loved flying the helicopter. If you undecided on getting one - please don't, treat yourself or someone else you won't be disappointed at all.
  2. 80%
    Matt - Review by
    great very powerful can fly up to 10metres high but very delicate if anything goes missing it doesn't work i lost a connecter and replace it with on from my bladze helicopter which can fly with out it and is £10 cheaper and works better
  3. 100%
    AMAZING - Review by
    Easy to fly, love shooting water at people and is easy to fill up. Just one question can it fly outside ? X

    RED5 says: “Hi there Jodie, the Viper is an indoor helicopter, a slight bit of wind could easily take it away so it’s safer to stick indoors :).”

  4. 80%
    loving playing with this - Review by
    I love this helicopter so much. my only problem is that my water has stopped spraying. any suggestions? Plz help, because id really love to keep soaking people!!!!

    RED5 says: “ Hi there Max, sorry to hear you are having problems. Have you tried poking a pin through the hole just in case you have a blockage? If this doesn't work please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will be happy to help :).”

  5. 100%
    Unbreakable & easy to fly - Review by
    This product is an unbreakable piece of kit. Unbreakable too, I definitely recommend this to other humans. So buy this!
  6. 100%
    stuck!!!!!! - Review by
    awesome product, however, I have lost the charger for it, can you tell me where to get a new one pleeeaasssseeeeeeeeeee?????

    RED5 says: “Hi there Curt, sorry to hear you have lost your charger. Please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will be able to sort you out with a spare one :).”

  7. 80%
    Stuk!! - Review by
    I got this Viper as a present for my birthday, but after some time of working it stopped working, at all... went to the Cheshire Oaks RED5 store and they happily gave me a new one... I got the new one out of the box, filled, squirted and it dribbled out at definitely not 6ft. My friends one was outstripping mine as it was flying across the room at way more than the '6 ft' :) but mine was just a steady dribble :( Took it to the same store, and the chap gave it me back said it was fine, and nothing wrong... Disappointed :oP Also it flies of its own accord sometimes but at the RED5 shop it was fine... maybe some interference from next door and it was on and off :( Thanks, would be glad of any advice, j@ke

    RED5 says: “Hi there Jake, it might be worth poking a pin through the hole just in case you have a blockage. If you continue to have problems please contact our lovely Customer Service Team at and they will be happy to help.”

  8. 100%
    love it, just perfect control and speed fun water jet - Review by
    This product is so fun to play with it shoots water so far away. But I need to know where to get a spare USB charger because my one was faulty, does anyone know if you do? Please reply.

    RED5 says: “Hi there Fred, sorry to hear you are having problems with your USB cable. Please contact us at and we will be able to send you a spare one :).”

  9. 20%
    Stopped working - Review by
    I've had this helicopter for about a year and a half to two years now and up till now it has been fine. But suddenly it will no longer generate lift. I have fully charged it several times but nothing will work. Any help please RED5???? Thanks

    RED5 says: “Hi there Thomas, sorry to hear you are having problems with your Viper Helicopter. Please email and we will see if there is anything we can do to help.”

  10. 80%
    Great Helicopter - Review by
    I bought this for my daughter, it's an amazing helicopter and she loves it! The only problem is the top rotors have stopped working for no reason? They stopped last night and then this morning they were working again, but she left it for a while then tried flying it and the top rotors have stopped again. It's been charged and that hasn't helped. Any advice as she loves it and wants to keep it.

    RED5 says: “Hi there Kelly, sorry to hear your daughter is having problems with her Viper Helicopter. Please contact our Customer Service Team at and they will get this sorted for her :).”

  11. 60%
    Cool present - Review by
    My son loves this present especially the water jet. One problem though, I can't get the forward or backward flight to work. It worked for 5 minutes but then stopped working on Xmas morning. Any suggestions or reset button? John

    RED5 says: “Hi there John, sorry to hear you are having problems with your Viper Helicopter. Please contact our Customer Service Team at and they will be able to help you.”

  12. 80%
    Great Gift but its not spraying water - Review by
    What a great gift, I have wanted one of these since I was a child. My only problem is that it has never been able to spray any water. Any suggestions?

    RED5 says: “Hi there Panagiotis, it might be worth poking a pin through the hole just in case you have a blockage. If you continue to have problems please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will be happy to help.”

  13. 100%
    Great Present - Review by
    Bought this as a gift and the recipient loved it! They say it's one of the easiest copters they've had to fly and control, and the water is an added bonus for surprising unsuspecting people!
  14. 100%
    Best thing I have bought ever - Review by
    I got this a few days ago, can't stop playing with it. So easy to control. I have let some friends see it and they are going to get one too. Is very durable has fallen quite a few times and has not been damaged. What I would like to know is how can I get replacement blades and other parts.

    RED5 says: “Hi there David, you can find a range of spare parts here but if there is anything you need that isn't on the list please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will be able to help :). ”

  15. 100%
    upset, please help - Review by
    This has been one of the best gadgets I have had. What a great gift. Haven't been able to put it down... (wet faces are funny). Unfortunately it has stopped spraying water and just comes out as globules. ... what should I do... I need to get this show back on the road.

    RED5 says: “Hi there Kyle, sorry to hear you are having problems :(. Have you tried poking a pin through the hole in case you have a blockage? If you continue to have problems please contact our lovely Customer Service Team and they will be happy to help :).”

  16. 100%
    Amazing!! Squirt everyone with it, sooooo amazing. YOU SHOULD GET IT!!!!
  17. 100%
    Fantastic - Review by
    Just had one for Christmas and its truly fantastic this is the second heli I have had because previously I had a cheaper one and it was absolutely RUBBISH. The Viper does a lot more than the cheaper one but yet I have not used the water cannon but looking forward to trying it out.
  18. 100%
    Great Present for Boys! - Review by
    Ordered a couple of these for the boys in the office and they love it. Regardless of how old they are, its still fun. Really great presents. Had a slight problem with one of them and a lovely lady in customer services has sent a replacement out before receiving our returns.
  19. 100%
    Awesome! - Review by
    The addition of the water gun was the reason I got this and mainly because when I was looking around the shop in newcastle, one of the employees kept on squirting me with it, so I had to get one!
  20. 40%
    Good but.... - Review by
    Received this RC helicopter as a gift. After a week it would not generate lift any more and RED5 at Cheshire Oaks replaced it for me. N.B. They did a straight swap as I didn't have a receipt. A week later the replacement heli tail rotor motor stopped working and I went into the same shop but because the manager wasn't in and out of stock of this heli, they would not replace the heli. I am now waiting to go back to the shop at my own expense for the third time to see if I can get my third Heli or a different heli of the same value. When the heli was working it handled very well and was a lot of fun but it is a shame that I have had some faults with the ones I have had.

    RED5 says: “So sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your Viper Helicopter and we are also sorry to hear you couldn't get it sorted in our Cheshire Oaks store :(. If you can't get back to the store then you are welcome to contact our awesome customer service team and they will be happy to help.”

  21. 80%
    Great gift for anyone - Review by
    My wife got me one of these for Christmas and have to say it's been great fun (even though I was banned from using the water cannon in the house). Certainly kept my nephews entertained throughout the holiday (just gotta watch the take-off as one of them got a bit close and took a spinning blade to the cheek - lovely bruise!). Very easy to fly (once you get the hang of it - until then stay clear of Christmas trees and plants!), very durable only downside is you only get 6 minutes on full charge (anyone know of a battery compatible with this which will give a longer play-time?) Overall a great purchase and one that'll keep you entertained!
  22. 100%
    awesome - Review by
    this really sprays water!
  23. 100%
    Excellent - Review by
    Really fun toy. Stable helicopter with really a precise turning circle. Love it. You have to be careful with it, as a push too hard can have it flying up to hit the ceiling or come falling to the floor too fast. One day, I crashed it into the banister and the rotor stopper turning properly, and I took it back to the shop. The team were excellent in getting me sorted out with a new one. Dead impressed by customer service and will be coming back again next Christmas.
  24. 100%
    Unbelievable customer service - Review by
    Great fun product bought after buying my son a U6 for Xmas. Of course I broke mine straight away. Thought I would phone on the off chance I could buy spares. 5 days later...replacement part free of charge, not even P&P, comes through my letter box! These guys ROCK. Customer service unheard of these days. Buy from RED5 and you'll be safe. A high street retailer that deserves to prosper. (BTW...they even told me how to fit it!!!)...
  25. 100%
    Made the dog jump! - Review by
    I bought this for my 6 year old grandson for Christmas, after seeing how he had mastered flying a similar helicopter earlier in the year. Of course, he had to learn to use another button, but it didn't take long. Everyone was amazed how well he flew the helicopter - and then he showed his new 'trick' - the water squirt. It was hilarious when used on unsuspecting victims - especially the dog! She couldn't understand where the water was coming from. Grandson said it was his best present this Christmas - and he had lots!! Really good helicopter - flight control unaffected by carrying the water load.
  26. 100%
    Great Gift!! - Review by
    I bought two, one for my fiancée and one for myself so we could play together hehe As our first helicopter we found it a bit hard to make it fly without hitting anything haha. We can now do it! And it is great fun to shoot each other in the face :P
  27. 100%
    Up, Up & Away! - Review by
    After visiting my local RED5 store and seeing one of the 'copters being flown around I wanted one straight away! This is my first of many and I love it! At first it was difficult to control but after a good hour of practising I can now have fun with the water jet which surprises everyone it who faces it. The flight is super smooth and responsive and it's even more fun in dull lighting where the LEDs look their best! Once I've mastered this I will definitely be adding another to the collection!
  28. 100%
    great toy - Review by
    This was a great gift, the kids love it and it has proven very durable, however the helicopter has just stopped responding to the remote, no matter what channel it's set to. Do you have any solutions to this problem please? Thanks

    RED5 says: “Hi Rich, we're glad you love your Viper but are very sorry to hear you're having problems - if you contact our lovely Customer Services team they'll be able to help you out :)”

  29. 100%
    Cool - Review by
    AMAZING!!! Totally made of steel, been smashed on the floor, ceiling and into doors haven't broken it yet!!
  30. 100%
    A great product, with great features, for a great price! - Review by
    When I purchased my Viper Water Jet RC Helicopter, I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed: it was a Red5 product, after all! I've been collecting RC 'copters for years, and many of them are resident in my office. My colleagues have grown used to them being used for everything from delivering paperwork to my secretary, to borrowing pencil sharpeners, and that was the success behind the viper! The false sense of security instilled on them by my other helicopters meant that my co-workers were constantly baffled by the water that would spray over them at various times during the day! (At one point, the caretaker was called, to deal with \"leaking over-head pipes\", and on another occasion, a mini water-cooler, positioned on a colleague's desk, was exiled from the office \"because it was leaking\".) No-one realised the Viper 'copter was to blame for about a month! So I think it's CLEAR how much fun the Viper Water Jet RC Helicopter can provide! (Although, admittedly, I've definitely been getting less work done, since I bought it!) Nevertheless, I'm sure everyone I work with would agree that the Viper brings entertainment to the office every day! I myself can't fault it, with its durable blades (they've survived many crashes, and having a coffee mug thrown at them - that was when a colleague realised it squirted water!), responsiveness, and the incredibly balanced, smooth flight, provided by the gyro feature!
  31. 100%
    I WAS SO HAPPY NOW AM SAD - Review by
    Hello RED5 I must say your heli Viper was great, my girlfriend was on holiday in London and she bought me for Xmas the Viper with Water Jet from one of your shops. It has been one of my greatest presents I have had for years though I enjoyed the heli more than the iPad, comparing the value I think this is great loved it. My sadness comes when just after a 6 min flight today on the next recharge the heli does not lift up off the floor, though I will not hesitate in buying another two could you please advise me if I could fix it, and my problem is I live in Spain..... Thanks RED5 gadgets are great thanks and happy new year to everyone.

    RED5 says: “Hello Nai, so glad you love your Viper (it must be good if you like it more than your iPad!) If you contact our lovely Customer Services team they'll be able to sort something out for you :) and a Happy New Year to you too!”

  32. 100%
    Spit On You - Review by
    This `Copter is awesome, tried it out as soon as I got it, absolutely brilliant. My wife thought it was a normal helicopter as part of my RED5 vast fleet, until I surprised her when I got close to her and let the Viper do what it does best......Once you manage to control it and get used to flying this Viper, the push button for the jet of water comes natural and its fun believe me, not one of my best I`ve bought from RED5 but it comes close as my favourite is the U6.......Thanks RED5....