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VaporizR Nano

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    • 8.5 Km/h
    • 27 MHz (red/green) and 40Mhz (red/blue)
    • Multiple engines provide 4x4 drive for super grip on all terrains.
    • Fully amphibious, including steering in water
    • Can tackle any terrain
    • 360 degree spins
    • 4 x AA batteries and 9v battery (not included)
    • Measures approx. 18cm x 12cm x 13cm
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    We love remote control toys at RED5 but it’s always a tough choice when it comes to choosing our vehicle, especially when it’s raining outside and the roads are starting to look like rivers! Usually when it starts to rain you can rule out RC cars, and even though there looks like plenty of water you’re not going to have much fun using a boat in a puddle! Even when it does start to dry off there’s still plenty of mud and wet grass to navigate so we’re going to need something with a bit of traction! Oh decisions, decisions. What we really need is some kind of car and boat hybrid that could tackle snow, ice, mud, water and tarmac!

    Thankfully Nikko have also faced the same dilemma and created the VaporizR Nano! Being fully amphibious it can not only handle puddles, but also ponds and lakes. This means you can swim with the fishes, without crashing into them, as you’ve still got full steering, even in water! 

    This 4x4 car can handle nearly every terrain all thanks to its twin motors – you could even take it into your bath! It literally is a car for all weathers and all surfaces. Anyways that’s enough from us; we’ve got a date with a very large puddle!

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    1. 100%
      Unbreakable - Review by
      This thing just does not break. Chucked down huge hills, rolling 20m+ and going straight into a tree, I just cannot break it. Everything still works perfectly since the day I bought it. The antenna fell off on mine but it stills works great, and looks cooler. Great for all ages.
    2. 100%
      Incredible - Review by
      I have been amazed by this, and the fact I'm 18 proves it isn't a child's toy. I always wanted my remote control cars to be able to go in all weather and bought things such as all terrain buggies which then say in the small print not to be used on mud, snow, water... So when I saw this I decided to look around at reviews on websites and YouTube videos. I thought it looked pretty cool so I bought it and it arrived very quickly. The first thing I did was start running a bath of water and see how it fared. It floated very well, the back more submerged than the front but it floats really well and drives extremely well. Definitely amphibious! Then I took it to the local wood to mess around off road and I was amazed. Being the nano I didn't really expect it to be very good at climbing or going over things. However, I got to an extremely muddy and slippery hill and it climbed it brilliantly. It didn't try to roll on to its back or fall over and climbed with ease, in fact it got up better than I did, with my shoes slipping all over the place. When we got to the top of the hill there was long grass which was no problem, it went up piles of ash, sand, over roots of trees as big as the wheels, it was unstoppable. Occasionally rolled over but it had to be quite steep. Another day I took it to common land and I was driving through the boggy mud. It would go through puddles with ease. There was one where I chucked it in to the small pond upside down and it still was drive-able and working. The best remote control car I have owned.
    3. 100%
      The best all-terrain RC there is - Review by
      Many R/C cars can be disappointing, either because of speed, manoeuvrability or because they get stuck on the slightest lump of carpet or grass. The VaporizR (where do they drag these names up from?) however ticks the boxes for all these. It's fast, it spins on a dime, goes over pretty well anything, and you can get it as wet as you like. My boys break pretty much everything that isn't made of concrete, but so far, against all odds, this little beast keeps on going. Hours of fun, whatever the weather.