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Velocity One Shotgun

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  • High powered shot gun
  • Pump action loading
  • Fires up to 16 metres
  • Sight adjuster
  • Safety lock
  • Pump action loading
  • Dart holder clip attachment
  • Double sided target
  • 10 x sucker darts included
  • For ages 14+
  • Measures approx. 51cm x 20cm x 3cm
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Do you like powerful shotguns? Or guns? Or just shooting stuff? Of course you do and we do too! That’s why searched high and low to find a shotgun as great as this one.

The Velocity One Shotgun will be your new best bud on the battlefield as you blast away your opponents. To start with, you have to admit it looks pretty menacing with its long barrel, clear casing and ammo clip. Ten suction darts are included with the gun which can be kept safe in the ammo clip. When shots are being fired, simply pull a dart from the clip, stuff it into the end of the barrel, pull back the grip and fire! These darts can be fired up to approximately 16 metres at 67.7 feet per second! With the adjustable sight, you can make sure you are always right on target.

Don’t have any friends to play army with? Don’t worry as a double sided target is included! Stick it onto your wall and play either the dynamic game with varying point squares or the standard game with a bullseye.

  • 1 x Velocity One Shotgun
  • 10 x Foam sucker darts
  • 1 x Double sided target
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  1. 100%
    Solidly built - will survive use by small boys and even big ones - Review by
    I was quite surprised by this gun - it is actually built well and solidly. Ok, it is plastic, but it's good quality thick stuff, so will survive being dropped, trodden on and thrown about. it does have a great shotgun style cocking action, pull back the big black slide for a cool clunk sound. Oddly, it also features a safety button! this just prevents the trigger from moving. Well built as well though. One small disappointment - the magazine is just for show, this gun doesn't auto load. Warning : this gun is quite powerful, more so than the average \"nerf\" gun. The bullets really do fly with some force, so don't fire at peoples faces, oh and the cocking spring action is quite strong, so smaller kids may have difficulty using. Please also bear in mind that it is quite strongly built - so don't buy for any small boy / girl who will possibly use it to pistol whip a younger sibling.It is rated 12.
  2. 100%
    Great item to have - Review by
    This gun is fun to have as it is compatible with Nerf bullets and is endless fun. It lasts long and is great to play with. By the way merry Christmas!