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When I Were A Lad Book

The Good Ol' Days
In stock
  • A nostalgic look at a time forgotten
  • Reminisce the day of pre PC
  • Showcasing the world before Health and Safety
  • 144 pages of pictures with witty commentary
  • Perfect for a trip down memory lane
  • Measures approx. 18cm x 18cm x 2cm
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It might seem like a mystery to children of the 21st century, but there was once a time when the internet and game consoles didn’t exist and children had to play outside with one another. Strange huh? But in this time, there wasn’t all this health and safety rubbish that constricts playing out these days, allowing the children of the past few decades to climb trees, play conkers, and do pretty much whatever they want.

The When I Were a Lad Book is here to tell the tale of a forgotten time! follow the author on a vivid journey of the good ol’ days, guaranteed to make you feel incredibly nostalgic. Each picture features witty commentary that is sure to have even the most PC parent either in stitches or in utter rage.

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