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Wonder Holder

Super Duper Phone Holder
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  • Discreet device holder
  • Ideal for use in cars with phones and sat navs
  • Quick and easy installation – peel stickers and stick!
  • Three backing plates – use with more than one device
  • Leaves no marks after removing
  • Never handle phone in your car again
  • Wall mount items
  • Wonder Holder measures approx. 3cm x 3cm x 0.5cm
  • Backing plates measure approx. 3cm x 3cm x 0.1cm
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Even though we are all aware that using a mobile phone when behind the wheel is illegal, 48% of drivers admit to doing it. That’s a high percentage rate and when you’re controlling a chunk of metal travelling at 70mph you really shouldn’t be taking your eyes off the road.

In the event that you ever do receive a call whilst on the road, it’s useful to have your phone in a visible place so you can see exactly who it is calling so you can decide whether to pull over and accept the call or just wait til later. Sometimes you will be using the Sat Nav on your phone and have no choice but to look at it so holding it in a visible position is more helpful than ever. Instead of using a giant chunk of plastic phone holder or suction cups that leave marks across your windscreen, the Wonder Holder holds your device firmly in place and allows you to follow directions to your destination easily – without leaving a sticky mess behind!  The best part is how easy it is to affix. Included in the pack are three magnetic backing plates to attach to your phone, iPod or sat nav, one strong Wonder Holder magnet and an antiseptic wipe. Use the antiseptic wipe to clean the area you wish to stick your Wonder Holder to and wait for the cleaned area to dry. Peel off the red sticker from the Wonder Holder and hold in place for 60 seconds to assure it’s stuck tightly. Peel off the sticker from your back plate and place centrally on the back of your device. We advise you to leave the Wonder Holder for an extra 24 hours after to make sure it’s firmly in place without causing any damage to your devices.

The discreet holder holds a wide selection of devices without draining the battery and not just for uses in your car! From baby monitors to TV remotes, the Wonder Holder is a versatile gadget.

Please note: do not place the back plate on power adaptor or charger outlets. Do not place on any metallic charging/connection part of device. Avoid use on airbags. Avoid placing near compasses. Keep out of reach from children, swallow risk! Do not use with hard drive based devices such as certain MP3 players. Do not use with iPods except the Touch, Nano and Shuffle models as these are flash based. Do not use with MP3 players which use hard-drive storage.


  • 1 x Wonder Holder magnet
  • 3 x Backing plates
  • 1 x Antiseptic wipe
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  1. 100%
    Wonder Hold - Review by
    We have been searching for something to hold an item in the car, everything we've bought in the past has lasted until the stickiness finished. This is perfect, it does as it says, it holds in place.
  2. 100%
    Wonder holder great product - Review by
    Bought this for mobile phone in car. Secure hold, easy to attach and remove. Very neat and tidy. Perfect for the job! 5 star product