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Wraps Headphones

Wrap It Up
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  • Stylish earphones transform into bracelets
  • Locking system holds earpieces and jack in place
  • Banish tangled earphones for good!
  • Cool braided or beaded cable
  • Core and Natural styles feature built in mic
  • Core style comes with noise isolating foam tips
  • 120cm cable
  • 3.5mm jack fits most devices
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The most irritating thing about earphones is when they get twisted up into a mess of knots that is almost impossible to untangle. Most of the time, we will spend all of our bus journey trying to decipher the nightmare, instead of enjoying our music. So let’s put that irritant into the past with the incredibly stylish and super convenient Wraps Earphones.

They may look like your standard headphones but they are so much more. Instead of dumping them into your bag or pocket when you are finished listening to your tunes, these can be wrapped around your wrist to form a cool and iconic bracelet. The Wraps feature a sweet locking system which will keep the jack and earpieces together while the rest of the 120cm cable wraps around your wrist to create an urban accessory. This awesome feature doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sound though as the Wraps can give out an amazing 80dB right into your lugholes! Even if you don’t want to wear them as a bracelet, the locking system will make sure they stay neat and tidy once put away – forever banishing the knotted earphones!

The Wraps Natural are a perfect match to any earthy vibe you have going on. Styled with either faux black leather or wooden black bead cables, these feature a super handy one button which allows you to answer and end calls as well as play and pause your tunes. 

The Wraps Core are designed for the techys. Featuring upgraded titanium speakers for high fidelity sounds and noise isolating foam tips that perfectly block out the outside world.Plus a one button microphone lets you play and pause your tunes as well as answer and reject phone calls.

Technical Specifications
  • Driver type: 10mm dynamic
  • Impedance: 10Ω
  • Sensitivity: 80dB/1mW ([email protected])
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Rated power: 3mW
  • Max power: 10mW
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